Artikel 29-gruppens handlingsplan 2016


Artikel 29-gruppens handlingsplan for 2016 i i forhold til databeskyttelsesforordningen


Af handlingsplanen (dokument 442/16/EN WP 236), som er omtalt i gruppens generelle arbejdsprogram for 2016-2018, fremgår bl.a. , at i 2016 vil følgende 4 emner være en prioritet:


"1 -Setting up the EDPB structure in terms of administration (e.g. IT, human resources, service level agreements and budget).


A WP29-EDPB task force has been set up with the Chair, the Vice -Chairs and the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), as the secretariat will be ensured by the EDPS under the instructions of the Chair of the EDBP. A key element will be the development of the IT systems for the EDPB in the context of the one stop shop. The task force will also work on human resources, budget implications and the future rules of procedure of the EDPB.


2 – Preparing the one stop shop and the consistency mechanism


It requires developments on several building blocks of the GDPR such as:


  •  The designation of lead data protection authority
  •  the one-stop -shop on enforcement cooperation
  •  the EDPB consistency mechanism


3 – Issuing guidance for controllers and processors


Priority subject have been selected by the WP29 to provide guidelines or processes to help and accompany controllers and processors to get prepared for the entry into force. They will relate to the following topics:


  •  New portability right
  •  Notion of high risk, and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  •  Certification
  •  Data protection officer


4 -Communication around the EDPB/GDPR


It is essential to make this new legal body of the EU already visible and identifiable as a key player which legitimacy stems from the DPA.


  •  Creation of an online communication tool
  •  Strengthening relationships with EU institutions agencies or other supervision groups
  •  Participation in external events to promote the new governance model


This action plan will be reviewed periodically and will be complemented in 2017 with new objectives and deliverables.


The WP29 will consult regularly and where appropriate, the relevant stakeholders (e.g.: business representatives and civil society representatives), in order to exchange views on the implementation of the GPDR."